Continue Professional Education With Distance Learning

The uniqueness of the ability of the internet to provide an inexpensive means of communication has led to the emergence of online degree programs and distance learning that were unheard of twenty years ago. Back in the 80’s, distance learning was done through traditional mail and the difficulties of static communication led to acceptance of “mail-diplomas” as a legitimate degree.

These days, even well known universities and institutions have opened up and offered online degree programs and while most of these institutions do require some class time in order for the student to experience some form of college life, the whole idea of communication has expanded from face to face inter personal communication to video conferences, webcam chats, and electronic mails all of which somehow continue that link between a student and a teacher and add value to the mentoring process as well. This flexibility has led to better communication among students and professors with both having the opportunities to effectively and at times exhaustively explain points of view and opinions.

This form of communication will in the end benefit both parties as the process of logical reasoning, critical thinking and analysis sharpens the mind. It is after all what the undergraduate degree stands for: a conclusive proof of a mastery of a discipline using set methods of thinking, reasoning, research and explanation.

To continue professional education with distance learning is fast being accepted, most especially with those in the fields of technology, science and other disciplines that require updates. Most professional groups are it that of doctors, accountants, lawyers, engineers, and scientists does require that its members be updated on new issues and changes in their respective fields. Often times, such requirements are done through national, regional, and international conferences which can be time consuming and expensive.

The idea of having some of such conferences done online and using distance learning as a tool for disseminating such updates is relevant, cost effective, dynamic and necessary. Because of the specific topics discussed for such groups, it would be very easy to continue professional education with distance learning. The flow of communication would be fluid and specific. People do have the flexibility to read, digest and comment on topics over a period of time unlike those in conferences. Such flexibility could led to a more pronounced and deeper discussion of the topics. Furthermore, the dissemination of new information and updates from such groups to its members are being done in an inexpensive manner. Not only text documents could be electronically mailed but videos and presentations could be place on a website for members to see and react. To continue professional education through the distance learning method isn’t something well into the future, it is something that should be happening now.