Qualities of a Leader – How to Conduct Yourself Professionally

Leadership comes with great responsible. As a leader, misconduct can ruin your reputation. The rulebook of professional code of conduct is ever- expanding but with great leadership qualities you can be a person of influence. Leaders are people of exceptional character who are able to find the path and lead others through it. Vision, teamwork, empowerment and trust are the hallmarks of a true leader. Whether we are following or leading, we are all leaders and should conduct ourselves properly in other to be good ambassadors of our people. One who leads must develop vitality, aliveness and a deep feeling of shared value among his people. You must consciously lead if you want your team to move from good to great.

Leadership can be defined as the ability and capability of an individual to influence, inspire and encourage others to contribute their best toward the betterment and success of the group. A person who can bring about change, therefore, is one who has the potentiality to be a leader. One quality does not fit all for leaders. Leaders are different as the organizations they lead. What and who they are in relation to the set they lead determines their ability to lead and the willingness of the people to follow.

No matter the kind of group different leaders lead, generally, some qualities must be possessed by a leader for him to conduct himself professionally and lead with a positive difference.

* Belief: A leader must believe in his ability to lead the people rightly. Belief strengthens your power of achievement. If you do not belief in yourself and abilities, nobody will believe you.

* Self-awareness: Proper knowledge of your skills, passions, strengths and values will help you in your leadership journey. You can’t give what you don’t have, therefore, you must know yourself and lead yourself before you can lead others well.

* Wisdom: This is the principal thing. It will help you to maximize your intelligences and know when to say or do things right. Wisdom gives you hindsight, insight and foresight.

* Effective Communication and Connection: The ability to create common ground matters a lot in leadership. The capability to listen and understand the thoughts, concerns and ideas of your people will help you greatly in leading. This virtue will help you connect well with them and gives you the platform to easily communicate your thoughts clearly to them. A vision is nothing until it can be sold.

Every leader who wants to succeed must be confident, innovative, enthusiastic, inspiring, courageous, motivating and teachable. People only follow those who know where they are going. Improving yourself will help you become a better leader who has the qualities it takes to conducts himself professionally. Great leadership is not developed is not developed in a day, but daily. Conducting yourself professionally helps you sharpen your inter-personal skills.


Professional Cum Corporate Milieu in a Business Hotel

The capital city of any country always bustles with life; New Delhi of India is no exception. The city happens to be the richest place in terms of cultural heritage and historical monuments. If you take a drive around the old part of the city, you will find historical monuments everywhere. Furthermore, a three hours drive from this capital city to Agra will let you view the mesmerizing Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. You will find flights from every airport city in India and the world to New Delhi. And hotels in New Delhi abound in plenty as well. You will be spoilt for choices; but of course, if you want to stay in one of the Delhi hotels that are a class apart from other similar category hotels, an online research will well serve your purpose.

There are a majority of leisure tourists and business guests who prefer staying in a business hotel or five star hotels in New Delhi that offer exclusive facilities such as golf playing conveniences, private air carrier services, in-house dining restaurants, spa parlor, etc. that are not easily found in all star hotels. There are very counted few Delhi hotels that offer a blend of all the said facilities.

With competition in business going stiff, maintaining a market rapport and getting in more clients and associates is no easy task. And if it happens to be inter-city or inter-state or international corporate or business deals, either party need to travel for such deals to take place. In such a case a business hotel is considered to be the best option for sophisticated accommodation. Many Delhi hotels serve as a business hotel offering state-of-the-art conveniences such as board room, conference room, wi-fi connectivity, business aids, and related paraphernalia, thus facilitating businesses to happen in the true sense of the term. A business hotel under the five star categories of hotels does create a professional milieu to the advantage of the guests. You may well find a chain of such a business hotel across the country.

How to Use Professional Beauty Methods to Care For Your Skin

Professional Beauty Products and skin care have been and will continue to be one of the leading ways to prolong the aging of the skin. We see them everywhere on TV, in magazines and everywhere else a woman might find herself. Are they worth our time? Or are they just high priced ways to stay looking beautiful. Below is a detailed look at how our skin ages and the ways to help prevent early aging.

Each individual has their own biological time clock that manages aging of the skin. Aging is natural but can be accelerated by many external factors. It is also a mistake to think that there are certain again cures that work for everything. Nothing created on the market today can work for both your facial skin and other parts of your body. It takes many different specific products to fight the early aging of the skin or renewal of more mature skin.

This is a technique that most professional cosmetic makers have accepted as the correct way to care for the skin. Designing a skin approach like this will help in improving your skin and help to solve some existing problems. Only a systematic and regular daily care will give you the right expected results. A long term skin care program will show the best results.

Below is an example of a skin care approach to successfully care for the facial skin:

Professional skin therapy may include:

  • Exfoliation of the upper skin layer one to two times weekly.
  • Apply proper skin moisturizing on a daily basis.
  • Restore local metabolism and skin balance on a daily basis.
  • Skin cleansing nightly only.
  • Right nutrition and skin renewal on a daily basis.
  • Protection from external environmental influences on a daily basis.

This is just one approach to keeping a healthy, young look to your skin.

The area below explains what happens to the skin as we age.

16 – 25 Years

At this age (in case there’s no aesthetic or hormonal problems exist) preventive skin care is enough. It is not good to overload your skin with heavy cosmetics. At this point in your life, heavier cosmetics can damage the skin. Keep the creams light and cosmetics light. Your young skin is well balanced and can self-regeneration.

To care for young skin it is always better to use less cream, but more gel or emulsion products, as they contain the right concentrations. Stay away from anything that leaves your face feeling greasy. Always pat lightly and apply with finger tips.

Your cosmetics should include these important ingredients: vitamins and natural moisturizers (aloe and chitosan).

25 to 35 Years

At this age, all of us experience some changes to our skin. The main reason is photo aging caused by UV radiation. Photo aging means the reduction of collagen in the skin. The skin also starts to lose its ability to remain tight to the face. Skin sagging can occur.

Oxidation begins at the cell level. Cell division slows down, skin immunity becomes weak. Eventually the skin loses its ability to effectively defend against the negative impact of the environment, elasticity weakens and the first wrinkles may appear.

It is time to start your anti aging battle. Consider these points below:

  • Vitamin A: helps to speed up the recovery of the skin cells.
  • Use an intensive skin moisturizing cream. All day moisturizing ingredients, such as DNA and the salt of hyaluronic acid work the best to fit dryness.
  • Adding Vitamins C and A, yeast extract, lactic and glycolic acid, can give the skin the ability to replace lost collagen.

35 – 45 Years

At this age the breakdown of the skin at the molecular and cellular level eventual creates defects in the skin and eventually the skin starts to die or decay.

Hormone levels Estrogen is one of the most important hormones for a woman. It skin uses estrogen as a youth indicator. No or little estrogen causes the skin to stop regenerating.

Photo agingIn contrast to the ultraviolet (UVB) rays, UVA rays have a negative effect on the skin throughout the day, regardless of the season. Too much unprotected sun exposure will escalate skin aging which can lead to skin cancer.

Free radicals They can be found in pollutions and in other areas of our environment. They work on the skin at the molecular level, causing an oxidation reactions and a large reduction in collagen. As the effect accelerates the “biological clock.” is pushed forward. They irreversibly damage the skin cells and their genetic make-up. Skin feels much drier, flabby and wrinkled. Skin cancer can be a result of this kind of damage.

Dehydration – is a big problem for aged skin. Mostly this happens due to the destruction of the lipid corneal layer. When this happens the skin begins to lose moisture. The lipid corneum layer is formed mainly by ceramide – they fill up the inter-cellular space, giving the skin balance and ensuring its protection. With age, the skin starts to gradual dehydrate. Add that to the reduction of the blood flow in the vessels lead to further damage.

Therefore, professional care at this age suggests a complex approach (massage, physical exercise such as walking and use of a phased cosmetic program) in order to regenerate skin and to slow the process of aging.

45 Years or More

Age-related changes of the skin become more visible. Pigmentation gets more noticeable, as well as widened pores and wrinkles.

After 50 years, skin is influenced by the onset of menopause, when the amount of estrogen in the body drops drastically.

In this case, regular daily care is of the essence.

Methods to assist the skin:

  • Professional facial and body massage two to three times a year. Supportive therapy can also be added once every seven days.
  • Add bio-nutritious masks to the face nightly.
  • Use creams with bio-active ingredients and hormones no less than 10 days out of the month.
  • Add herbs to your diet such as Ginseng, Eleutherococcus, Chinese magnolia, Golden and Root. These herbs tend to help slow the aging process.
  • Finally add a physical training to your life. Walk, aerobics, swimming or anything else that is low impact to the bones is recommended. Yet always speak to your doctor before starting any physical activity to ensure your health.