Renegade Professional – How Article Marketing Can Get You Tons Of Free MLM Leads

The starting point is often the the biggest obstacle facing network marketers looking at capitalizing on the power of the internet to build there network marketing business.

Where do you start especially if you have never used the resources available online and have been brought up on an MLM diet consisting of old school methods such as making a list and the dreaded “3 foot rule?”

Article Marketing

Inter-network marketing is currently the buzz word in MLM circles as more and more frustrated MLMers realize that what they’re currently doing just isn’t working. Sadly, they are encouraged to reassess their goals, develop more belief and buy more leads. Uggh!

If you’re turning to inter-network marketing for the first time then your first step should be article marketing.

Article marketing is free, has long term benefits and can establish your presence on the internet. Writing articles may seem a mountain to climb for many but seriously, how difficult is it really?

Just ask yourself this – can you write a 300-400 word article on network marketing? The answer should be a resounding yes. Do you have your own thoughts on the industry or the products you’re promoting and what benefits they can have on your customers? If you answered yes then you can write an article.

But one article is not going to cut it. You need to write several and produce them on a consistent basis. Here’s a crash course in developing an article marketing campaign.

1. Do a keyword search for network marketing or home business topics. Being new, you’ll probably be foreign to keyword tools. You can overcome this initially by simply writing down as many words or phrases you can think of related to network marketing and home business. If you were about to do a search online what would you type into the search engine? Chances are that others would as well so don’t be afraid to write down everything you can think of.

2. Pick a phrase and write your article around it. To give you some ideas simply search and find what others are writing. Don’t plagiarize. Read an article and then think of how you can make it better. Maybe expand on another author’s points but remember to write it in your own words.

3. Create a resource box. In other words, briefly tell readers where they can go to get more great tips and training and include a link to where you want to send them.

4. Again, go to your favorite search engine and type in “top article directories.” Choose at least 10 and submit your article. You’ll more than likely need to sign up to each directory and create an account.

5. When you start out, you should be submitting an article a day for at least the first 10 days and then back it off to a couple a week for the next month. This is up to you. You may want to continue submitting on a more regular basis and that’s ok.

The more articles you write the more presence you have and your articles will be acting like your own team of salespeople promoting your inter-network marketing business.